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We are a non-profit organization that promotes the
knowledge of Blacksmithing skills and works to
promote the continued re-discovery of the art of
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Interested in heating metal red hot and forging it into
a new creation?  Come join us, we are a dynamic
group of  professional, amateur and beginning smiths
comprised of 9 separate Forge groups with monthly
meetings.  More Info on
Contact Us Page.
:: Alabama Forge Council  :: An Affiliate of the Artist - Blacksmith Association of North America
Clay Spencer's Tire Hammer
Tools as shown at the SBA
Conference 15-16 May 09
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updated: Apr 2016:  
New Info on Fall AFC event
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ADDED Demonstrator
Articles 29 Aug 16
NOTICE:  Due to
scheduling conflicts the
Steve Williamson Animal
Head class is being
postponed.  The new
date will be posted as
soon as possible