32nd Batson Blade Symposium 2021
                                     Main Demonstrators
Rick Dunkerley
Rick Dunkerley is an ABS Master Smith.  He started making custom knives in 1984 and became a full time
maker in 1996.  All of his knives are hand made, solely by him.  Rick makes a variety of folding and
fixed-blade knives. Each of his knives is one of a kind because he is constantly experimenting with new
techniques and never repeats his mosaic Damascus Patterns.  Rick demonstrated folder making at the
2018 Batson Bladesmithing Symposium and is returning in 2020 to teach Damascus steel.

Kevin Cashen
Kevin Cashen is an ABS Master Smith who has been teaching his craft for almost 20 years.  He has taught
classes from basic smithing to advanced metallurgy at conferences, colleges, and international
symposiums.  His website at www.cashenblades.com describes his home metallurgical lab, awards he has
received at blade shows and a series of videos about metallurgy and Heat Treatment.  He has visited
museums to examine historic blades first hand and produced stunning replicas of historic swords and
daggers.  Kevin has demonstrated at previous Batson Bladesmithing Symposiums where he made
memorable presentations about heat treating and authentic quillion daggers.

is available at the Country Store & Snack Bar.
CAMPING is available at Tannehill Ironworks near the Demonstration Area on Mill Creek.  Improved (water & electricity) & Primitive
camping. For reservations call 205/477-5711.   Check in at Country store.
MOTELS, there are many motels & restaurants off I-459 and I-20/59 toward Bessemer and Birmingham.
Sleep Inn, 205/424-0000, 1259 Greenmor Drive @ Ala-52 at exit 6 off I- 459 about 15 miles from Tannehill. Demonstrator's Motel.
Hampton Inn, 205/425-2010, 4910 Civic Lane @ exit 108 off I-20/59 about 11 miles from Tannehill.
Best Western, 205/481-1950, 5041 Academy Lane @ exit 108 off I-20/59 about 11 miles from Tannehill

The Alabama Forge Council is a non-profit organization with 460 members.  The proceeds from this auction will go to the AFC Building

•        Hawkins Knife Making Supplies
•        Pops Knife Supply
•        Ron Richerson Knife Supplies
•        Blue Moon Press
•        Charles Hegedus Blacksmith Tools
•        Larry Zoeller Gas Forges
•        Raymond Head Tire Hammers
•        John Crawford 5160 Steel