Best of the Bits Index
Title Vol - Pg Contributor Category
Slitter 1-3 Ron Thomas Tools
Slitter Operations 1-4 Ron Thomas Tools
Leaves 1-5 Larry Crawford Plant
Belt Buckle 1-6   General
Forging Temperature 1-8 Clay Spencer Technique
Braided Handle 1-9 Bob Hale General
Simple Ram's Head 1-10 Earl Burkett Animal
Pallet Boss 1-13 John Beckwith Implement
Forging a Full Tang Blade 1-14   Knives
Forging Tang 1-15   Knives
Grinding 1-16   Knives
Heat Treating 1-17   Knives
Hafting the Blade 1-20   Knives
Francis Whitaker Shop Equip 1-21 Francis Whitaker Tools
Striker 1-22 Kerry Barksdale Implement
Fishing Gig 1-23 Bob Patrick Implement
Simple Forge 1-24 Alex Bealer III Tools
Rooster Spur Poker 1-25 John Kierbow Fireplace
Bud Vase 1-26 G. Harris & B. Taylor General
Cable Knife 1-27 Steve Carter Knives
Rose 1-28 Walt Scadden Plant
Forge Weld and Braze 1-30 Joe Staley Technique
Horse Head 1-32   Animal
Bearing Race Knife 1-35 Billy Watson Knives
Making a Hammer 1-36 Ray D. Tools
Norse Tripod 1-37 Brent VanArnam Implement
Ram Head 1-38 Pat Porter Animal
Spring Fuller 1-40 John Cross Tools
Tongs 1-41 Paul Armbruster Tools
Drill Bit 1-42 Paul Armbruster Tools
Beaver Trap 1-43 Don Witzler Implement
Hot Potato Holder 1-44 Clay Smith Implement
Angle Work Holder 1-45   Tools
Two Tine Fork 1-46 Peter Ross Kitchen
Tong Lock 1-47 Jeff Graves & Francis Whitaker Tools
Edge of the Anvil 1-48   Technique
Forge Setup 1-49   Technique
Felling Ax 1-50   Implement
Damascus 1-51 Jim Fikes Knives
Big Hammer Forging 1-52 John Beckwith Technique
Fork Project 1-53 Jimmy Corbet Kitchen
Ted Seals' Hook 1-54 Ted Seals Hooks & Hangers
Hoop and Stick 1-55 Vulcan Forge Smoke Toys/Games
Eye Bolt (Swages) 1-56 John Beckwith Tools
Latches 1-57 Peter Ross Door/Gate
Nails 1-59 Peter Ross Technique
Corner Section 2-3 Walt Scadden General
Furniture 2-7 John Beckwith General
Heart Hook 2-10 Gavin Harris Fireplace
Towel Ring 2-11 Benny Crevitt General
Iron Rose 2-12 Gary Fuller Plant
Horse Shoe 2-14 Gary Fuller General
Forge Welding/Penny 2-15 Gary Fuller Technique
Haverhill Knife 2-15 B. Watson & P. Smith Knives
Small Tomahawk 2-17 B. Watson & P. Smith Implement
Tool Making (Handled Tools) 2-18 Beckwith & Sheets Tools
Horsehead Poker 2-23 Jim Batson Fireplace
Razor 2-28 John Sugg Knives
Trivet 2-29 Billy Watson Kitchen
Selling Your Handiwork 2-30 Jay Reakirt General
J Reakirt Tools (Hardy, Fuller,etc.) 2-31 Jay Reakirt Tools
Fireplace Scrape 2-32 Jay Reakirt Fireplace
Ram's Head 2-33 Jay Reakirt Animal
Fireplace Shovel 2-35 Jay Reakirt Fireplace
Quick Leaf 2-36 David Peterson Plant
Finish & Pre-Prime 2-36 Joe Pehoski Finish
Door Hardware 2-36 David Court Door/Gate
Forge Welding 2-36 Bud Oggier Technique
Leaves 2-37 Nol Putnam Plant
Copper Vase 2-38 Bill Calloway General
Steak Turner 2-39 Bill Calloway Kitchen
Bill Calloway Techniques 2-40 Bill Calloway Technique
Spiral Stairway 2-41 Mark Bokenkamp Architectural
Door Hardware 2-42 Mark Bokenkamp Door/Gate
Swivel Anvil Support 2-43 Francis Whitaker Tools
Candlestand 2-44 Christoph Freidrich Lighting
Cross 2-45 Christoph Freidrich General
Metal Finishes 2-47 Joe Pehoski Finish
Chisel (Wood) 2-51 Peter Ross Implement
Early American Fork 2-52 Peter Ross Kitchen
Spatula 2-54 Peter Ross Kitchen
Ladle 2-55 Peter Ross Kitchen
Box Joint Pliers 2-56 Peter Ross Tools
Three Tined Fork 2-58 Jerry Darnell Kitchen
Hinge Finials 2-59 Jerry Darnell Door/Gate
Candlestand 3-1 Jeff Graves Lighting
Casting Bronze 3-4 Bill Jackson Technique
Dogwood 3-5 Johnny Kierbow Plant
Fork With Birdhead 3-7 Fred Rembert Kitchen
Fork With Birdhead 3-7 Fred Rembert Animal
Heart Puzzle 3-8 Fred Rembert Toys/Games
Poker 3-9 Fred Rembert Fireplace
Steak Turner 3-10 Fred Rembert Kitchen
Knife 3-11 Elmer Roush Knives
Fluxless Weld 3-12 Elmer Roush Technique
Forging a Leaf 3-12 Elmer Roush Plant
Anvil (Decorative) 3-13 Clay Spencer General
One Piece Cross 3-14 Clay Spencer General
Leaf 3-15 Clay Spencer Plant
Spatula 3-16 Stan Strickland Kitchen
Side Jaw Tongs 3-17 Stan Strickland Tools
Trivet 3-18 Stan Strickland Kitchen
Magnolia Leaves & Petals 3-19 Stan Strickland Plant
Forging Damascus Billets 3-22 Cleston Sinyard Knives
Dividers 3-23 Peter Ross Tools
One Piece Shovel 3-28 Jerry Darnell Fireplace
Door Pull 3-30 Peter Happny Door/Gate
Hinge 3-31 Peter Happny Door/Gate
Forging Pipe 3-33 Peter Happny Technique
Hollow Ware Forming 3-34 Peter Happny Technique
Dovetail Hinge 3-35 Peter Ross Hardware
Measuring Tools 3-37 Mike Shaffer Tools
Traveler 3-38 Mike Shaffer Tools
Dogwood Blossom 3-39 Joe Miller Plant
Forging a Snail 3-40 Tom Sheets Animal
Flowers 3-41 Mike Rose Plant
Leaf Candlestands 3-42 Joe Miller Lighting
Snap Dragon 3-43 Mike Rose General
Fleuer de Lis 3-44 Francis Whitaker Plant
Flowers 3-45 Thor &Tony Plant
Sign Bracket 3-47 Jeff Farmer Hardware
Bottle Opener 3-48 Ray Spiller General
Carving Animal Heads 3-49 Ray Spiller Animal
Wire Cable Possum 3-50 Tony Holliday Animal
Dogwood 3-51 Benny Crevitt Plant
Lily 3-52 Benny Crevitt Plant
Copper Rose 3-53 Jerry Grice Plant
Iris 3-54 Tim Ricks Plant
Dogwood 3-56 Stan Strickland Plant
Leaves 3-57 Larry Cooper Plant
Fire Tools, Poker, Water Can 4-3 Clay Spencer Tools
Fire Tools, Shovel 4-4 Clay Spencer Tools
Fire Tools, Rake 4-5 Clay Spencer Tools
Anvil Hold Down, Cut Plate, Swage 4-5 Clay Spencer Tools
Tongs 4-7 Clay Spencer Tools
Spring Fuller 4-8 Clay Spencer Tools
Hardy 4-9 Clay Spencer Tools
Bending Fork 4-11 Clay Spencer Tools
Twisting Wrench 4-11 Clay Spencer Tools
Spring Fuller, Drilling, Swage 4-12 Clay Spencer Tools
Spring Swage 4-13 Clay Spencer Tools
Nail Header, Clamp, Coal 4-14 Clay Spencer Tools
Tool Holding Tongs, Quatrefoil Jig 4-15 Clay Spencer Tools
Jigs for Chamfering Stock, Bending 4-16 Clay Spencer Tools
Ramp, False Vise Jaws 4-17 Clay Spencer Tools
Anvil Tool, Hook Rule, Jogging 4-18 Clay Spencer Tools
Hook Bending Jig 4-19 Clay Spencer Tools
Sea Horse 4-20 David Court Animal
Duck Heads 4-21 Clay Spencer Animal
Head Hooks 4-23 Ray Spiller Hooks & Hangers
Mule Head 4-24 Jeff Farmer Animal
Fish 4-25 Ward Brinegar Animal
Longhorn 4-26 William Senseney Animal
Owl 4-27 Jaroslav Valek Animal
Hooks, Screw Hooks 4-28 Clay Spencer Hooks & Hangers
Herb Hook 4-29 Clay Spencer Hooks & Hangers
Plant Hanger 4-31 Nol Putnam Hooks & Hangers
Hanger w/Leaf 4-32 Dan Boone Hooks & Hangers
Fish Hook 4-33 David Brewin Hooks & Hangers
Fish Hook 4-34 Bob Bergman Hooks & Hangers
Hook Bending Jig 4-34 Stan Strickland Tools
Drive & Dimple Hooks 4-35 Glenn Gilmore Hooks & Hangers
Knotted Heart Hook 4-36 Clay Spencer Hooks & Hangers
Wall Mounted Hanger 4-36 Clay Spencer Hooks & Hangers
Heart Hook 4-37 Shelton Browder Hooks & Hangers
Heart Hook 2 4-38 Rainbo Clary Hooks & Hangers
Heart Hook for Skewers 4-39 Muley Garner Hooks & Hangers
Rolling Pin Hanger 4-39 Jud Nelson Hooks & Hangers
Towel and Tissue Hangers 4-40 Clay Spencer Hooks & Hangers
Plant Hangers 4-41 Clay Spencer Hooks & Hangers
S-Hooks 4-41 Clay Spencer Hooks & Hangers
Ram's Head 4-42 Daryl Nelson Animal
Bear's Head 4-45 Daryl Nelson Animal
Forged Vessels 4-48 Hoss Haley Technique
Bittern Candlestand 4-50 Doug Wilson Lighting
Bell 4-52 Doug Wilson General
Skillet 4-53 Doug Hendrickson Kitchen
Cheese Cutter 4-55 Doug Hendrickson Kitchen
Cheese Cutter 2 4-56 Doug Hendrickson Kitchen
Fork 4-56 Doug Hendrickson Kitchen
Ladle 4-57 Doug Hendrickson Kitchen
Vise Jaws 4-57 Francis Whitaker Tools
Vise Jaws 4-57 Stan Strickland Tools
Wavy Bars 5-1 Grady Holley Technique
Collar Jig 5-1 Grady Holley Tools
Acorn & Leaf 5-3 Grady Holley Plant
Tulip Door Latch 5-4 Jerry Darnell Door/Gate
Welded Eye Hinge 5-9 Jerry Darnell Door/Gate
H-Hinge 5-12 Jerry Darnell Door/Gate
Nails 5-14 Jerry Darnell Technique
Weeping Heart Finial 5-15 Jerry Darnell Technique
Air Chisel Grooving Tool 5-16 Clay Spencer Tools
Welded Cable Chisel 5-17 Chris Marks Technique
Buckskinner Knife 5-18 Chris Marks Knives
Gun Barrels 5-20 Bob Patrick Technique
Forge Welding 5-21 Bob Patrick Technique
Flower Scrolls 5-24 Larry Wood Technique
Scrolls 5-27 Larry Wood Technique
Fishtail/Snub End 5-28 Larry Wood Technique
Snub End & Penny Scrolls 5-29 Larry Wood Technique
Table 5-30 David Cornett General
Knife 5-30 Jim Robarr Knives
Bean Finial 5-41 Allan Kress Technique
Drive Pintle 5-43 Allan Kress Door/Gate
Poz Tongs 5-44 Robb Gunter Tools
Nail Header 5-47 Peter Ross Tools
Nail Making 5-48 Peter Ross Technique
Axe 5-49 Peter Ross Implement
Shape + Mass 5-50 Peter Ross Technique
Kitchen Ladle 5-51 Peter Ross Kitchen
Shutter Dog 5-52 Peter Ross Hardware
Tang Chisel 5-53 Peter Ross Implement
Door Pull 5-54 Peter Ross Door/Gate
Welded Door Hasp 5-55 Peter Ross Door/Gate
Hold Fast 5-56 Peter Ross Tools
Upset Square Corner 6-3 Walt Scadden Technique
Scrolls 6-4 Walt Scadden Technique
Scroll Jig 6-6 Walt Scadden Tools
Tenons 6-6 Walt Scadden Technique
Button Scroll 6-8 Walt Scadden Technique
Railings 6-9 Walt Scadden Architectural
Friendship Knot (Mystic Knot) 6-10 Walt Scadden General
Boot Scraper 6-11 Walt Scadden General
Headboard 6-12 David Thompson General
Welded Basket 6-13 David Thompson Technique
Steak Turner 6-14 David Fink Kitchen
Mini Horse Shoe 6-15 David Fink General
Spoon 6-16 David Fink Kitchen
Spiral Candle Holder 6-17 David Fink Lighting
Cupping Tool 6-18 Clay Spencer Tools
Francis on Scrolls 6-19 Francis Whitaker Technique
Air for the Fire 6-20 Clay Spencer General
Belt Grinder 6-24 Clay Spencer Tools
Steel Rack for Truck 6-27 Clay Spencer General
Adjustable Anvil Stand 6-28 Clay Spencer Tools
Class Notes 6-30 Harland Fisher General
Flowers 6-31 David Cornett Plant
Iris and Tulip Patterns 6-32 David Cornett Plant
Rose Bud 6-34 David Cornett Plant
Class Notes 6-35 Stan McGee General
Magnolia 6-36 Stan McGee Plant
Plant Hanger 6-37 Stan McGee Hooks & Hangers
Hammer Modification 6-38 Nol Putnam Tools
Turtle 6-40 Paul Davidson Animal
Door Stop 6-42 Mark Williams General
Sharpening Twist Drills 6-44 Bud Ralston Tools
Tennessee Troll 6-48 Pleasant  & Scasbrick General
Wax Finish 6-50 Doug Merkel Finish
File Handles 6-51 Doug Merkel Tools
Treadle Hammer Cut Plate 6-52 Doug Merkel Tools
Treadle Hammer Crank Mod 6-54 Doug Merkel Tools
Sharpening Twist Drills 6-55 Francis Whitaker Tools
Acetone Transfer 6-55 Bill Howard Technique
Gas Forge Ignitor 6-56 James Lavender Tools
Flat Bar Shear 6-57 James Lavender Tools
Martin Gourd Hanger 6-58 Clay Spencer Hooks & Hangers
Successful Forges 6-60 Clay Spencer General
Heart 6-62 Steve Davis Technique
Brass Hammer 7-3 Larry Hodge Tools
Framing Slick 7-4 Larry Hodge Implement
Wire Handled Punch/Chisel 7-5 Larry Hodge Tools
Robb Gunter's Tips/Tools 7-6 Larry Hodge Tools
Ram's Head 7-7 Mickey Garner Animal
Ellipses 7-10 Howard McCall Technique
Upset Square Corner 7-12 Allan Kress Technique
Spike Face Tools 7-14 Ludwig Lazarowiz Tools
Rail Spike Face 7-15 Ludwig Lazarowiz Technique
Troll 7-18 Ludwig Lazarowiz General
Square Corner Puzzle 7-19 Francis Whitaker General
Old Mental Tools 7-20 Rogers Collins General
Quatrefoil Simplified 7-24 Francis Whitaker General
Branching Scrolls 7-26 Allan Kress Technique
Belt Buckle 7-28 David Fink General
Jab 7-29 David Fink Lighting
Sticking Tommy 7-31 David Fink Lighting
Confederate Hoof Pick 7-33 David Fink Implement
Federal Hoof Pick 7-34 David Fink Implement
Flowers 7-35 Clay Spencer Plant
Dogwoods 7-36 Clay Spencer Plant
Dogwood Photos 7-39 Clay Spencer Photos
Tulip 7-40 Clay Spencer Plant
Collars 7-42 Allan Kress Technique
Clasp 7-44 Susan Hutchinson General
Tempil Metallurgy 7-46   General
Slick, Collars, Square Corner 7-48   Photos
Trolls, Rail Spike Face, Tools 7-49   Photos
Dogwood & Tulip Photos 7-50   Photos
Branching Scrolls 7-51   Photos
Treasure Chest Padlock 7-52 Doug Merkel General
Damascus & Art Blade 7-56 Troy Helms Knives
Colonial Chandelier 7-58 David Fink Lighting
Don's Flower 7-62 Don Neuenschwander Plant
Scroll Tongs 8-3 Clay Spencer Tools
Side Chisel 8-4 Clay Spencer Tools
Scroll Tongs From Pliers 8-5 Clay Spencer Tools
Scroll Tongs From Tin Snips 8-6 Clay Spencer Tools
Bending Wrench 8-8 Clay Spencer Tools
Bending Fork 8-9 Clay Spencer Tools
Mouse 8-9 Morris Brown Animal
Power Hammer Rebuild 8-10 Fred Caylor Tools
Jonquil 8-14 Bruce Gilles Plant
Bending Angle Iron 8-16 Robert Holden Technique
Two Light Table Lamp 8-17 Robby Armstrong Lighting
Two Arm Hanging Lamp 8-22 Robby Armstrong Lighting
Chamber Candle 8-24 Robby Armstrong Lighting
Suffolk Latch 8-26 Len Howell Door/Gate
Welded Ring 8-36 Clay Spencer General
Daffodil 8-37 Bruce Gilles Plant
Colonial Broiler 8-38 Mike Linn Kitchen
Shaker Reading Light 8-44 David Thompson Lighting
Southwestern Trivet 8-46 Bill Richardson Kitchen
Latane' Lock 8-48 Doug Merkel General
Steak/Meat Turner 8-58 Wiregrass Forge Kitchen
Rain Gauge Stake 8-60 Bill Richardson General