AFC Forge Meetings are open to the public, if you have an interest in the art of
blacksmithing we encourage you to attend a meeting of any of the Forges.  Please contact
the nearest Forge Master to confirm the time and location of the next meeting.  
Further attendance at AFC meetings requires membership.

Alabama Forge Council Membership

Membership Age Requirement:
Insurance requirements dictate that members of the AFC be at least 19 years old.  Parents,
of children under the age of 19 that are enthusiastic about learning the art of
blacksmithing, are encouraged to join the AFC and attend meetings with close supervision
of their children.  Please carefully read the waiver statement below.

WAIVER:  Blacksmithing is an inherently dangerous activity.  You are responsible for yourself and
your visitors using eye, ear, respirator, and other protection as required, and the use of safe work
methods.  The Alabama Forge Council, its officers, demonstrators, writers, editor, and members
specifically disclaim responsibility or liability for any damages, injuries, or destruction of property
as a result of any information published in the Bituminous Bits or demonstrated at conferences,
meetings, classes, or workshops. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and safety of
information provided, but use thereof is solely at the user's own risk.
By requesting or renewing membership you are stating that you agree with this release.

Your Membership comes with 6 issues of the Bituminous Bits.  An AFC Periodical that
contains Blacksmithing articles on projects or HOW TOs as well as information on activities
of other forges and articles from other Blacksmithing Journals.

Please select the closest home forge on your membership form.  This does not limit
your attendance to just that Forge.  AFC Members are welcome at any of the AFC
Forge Meetings throughout the state.  Choose At-Large if you are out of state or do not
wish to choose a home forge at this time.

AFC dues are $25 per year.  NOTE:  
Although the AFC is an affiliate of ABANA,
Membership in the AFC does not include  membership or dues in ABANA.

NOTE:  If you download Adobe DC Reader you can click Fill fill out the PDF /save it  and
email it to sign Judd Clem
JOIN the
Check, MasterCard, or Visa accepted

Send your Membership Form and Fee to:

Judd Clem
111 Yorkshire Dr.
Athens, AL 35613

Or contact by phone (256) 232-2645 or by e-mail,, to arrange membership payment.